• 28 Nov 2017 / About Us

    Who we are

    CAIMS was established in 2010 by some creative thinkers and cerebrals to impart value-based education in a thought-provoking and novel milieu, favourable for the overall development of its students.

    CAIMS, is a premier educational and research institute nestled amidst beautiful and serene surroundings offering an environment that fosters learning ad stimulates creativity. The institute today provides a platform for excellence in teaching, learning, and administration. We always try our best to transform our students into best professionals of corporate world.

    Located strategically in the Kotdwara a hub of students from all local regions, CAIMS Kotdwara delivers the real-world experience one needs to succeed in today's competitive global marketplace. Our motto is 'Value addition in professional education'. Enlightening young minds towards a 'Journey of Excellence' is a part of our DNA at CAIMS Kotdwara. The real learning occurs outside the four walls of the class room. By confining to text books a student may acquire knowledge but not skills. And this is what we have adopted as the guiding philosophy of the higher, professional education at CAIMS Kotdwara. We have inducted well-heeled corporate czars as well as alumni along with distinguished academicians in our academic advisory council to suggest changes in the education system. Be it infrastructure, learning resources or pedagogy CAIMS Kotdwara has always been at the forefront in change. The faculty interaction with the corporate world in the form of Research and Consultancy, Hotel Management Development Programmes and Conferences has become an important enabler for designing and imparting learner-centric value- based education. CAIMS Kotdwara has consistently updated the basket of specializations being offered to keep in synchronization with the changing business needs.

    The core values of the CAIMS institute include the belief in the individual as the primary vehicle for initiative. The CAIMS Kotdwara aims at attracting diversity and providing it with an environment where it can flourish. The group promotes a culture of openness and change, where merit is the only criteria coexisting with teamwork.

  • 28 Nov 2016 / Vision @ CAIMS

    Our Vision

    We visualize CAIMS kotdwara as an universally recognized, inquiry-driven, ethically engaged university with a diverse community, whose members work collaboratively, for the positive transformation of the world by pioneering teaching, research and social awareness.

  • 28 Nov 2016 / Mission @ CAIMS

    Our Mission

    The mission of CAIMS is to promote learning in the true spirit. The Institute offers the knowledge and skills needed to succeed as professionals, and the values and sensitivity needed to be responsible citizens of the world.

  • 28 Nov 2016 / Message

    Managing Director - Mr. Ajendra Rana

    It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you to CAIMS, which is a temple of learning, innovation and research with a futuristic vision. The stunning surroundings of the Institute with a beautiful and sprawling campus presents a panoramic view of the mountains, silver oak, pine and deodar trees. The scenic beauty and congenial atmosphere of the Institute campus are ideally suited for professional study, research and innovation.

    CAIMS Kotdwara provides friendly and inviting atmosphere where the students are comfortable in sharing their thoughts, opinions and questions with their faculty as well as among themselves. All programs are designed to equip the students with the knowledge and skill sets necessary to respond to the full diversity of global needs.

  • 28 Nov 2016 / Message

    Director (Academic & Administration) - Mr. Anurag Semwal

    Change is the only constant. We believe in adapting to today’s dynamic environment, and facing new challenges. As a result, we are proud to introduce the CAIMS Kotdwara - a name in future, that will stand for excellence in the field of professional education. Our growth as a institute is the result of years of hardwork in shaping students to face the cut throat corporate competition and emerge as leaders in their respective fields.

    We aim to redefine education by our activity-led programs and hands-on training exercises. We conduct various extracurricular activities for the overall development of our students, which gives them an edge over others when they step outside. A proof of our success in the past few years are our alumni, who have achieved great heights of success. Many of them hold important and decision making positions in renowned organizations all over the world. And we strive to continue their legacy.

  • 28 Nov 2016 / Message

    Principal - Ms. Anju Bisht

    It is with pride that I greet you all to CAIMS Kotdwara- an institution of specialized learning, in-depth research, and encouraged innovation.CAIMS Kotdwara has an amiable atmosphere , allowing all to share their thoughts and discuss various subjects. Every program is conscientiously designed to provide students with the skill set, attitude and commitment needed to capably manage the full range of global challenges..

    From a personal point of view as well, I envision CAIMS to impart a global perspective, motivating students to excellence. Furthermore, my efforts will be dedicated towards connecting the institute with other like-minded Colleges/Universities, with an aim to broaden the prospects of our students and create a lasting, symbiotic association. Our successful affiliations have already enriched our diverse culture and reinforced our values at every step.

  • 02 Dec 2016 / Message

    Training and placement officer - Ms. Vandana Kukreti

    The world is evolving at a very fast pace. Current scenario demands the ability to learn, unlearn and relearn things. It has always remained a challenge for academia to produce industry ready people.

    Our Institute holds the pride of place being pioneers in the field professional education. We have been continuously ranked among the elite by our peers and our constant pursuit of excellence has made our institute a focal point in professional education for students and faculty members alike

    At CAIMS, Kotdwara we take care to groom our students according to the needs of the industry. We seek to open frontiers of knowledge and reveal new horizons of change, to broaden mindsets and to create positive attitudes in our students. Our students get a lot of industrial exposure by their frequent industrial visits. Besides, our undergraduate students undergo in training in reputed industries/institutions/organizations, as part of their academic requirements.

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